Monday, November 1, 2010

Only in California...

Okay... maybe not only in California... how about especially in California...

In California you are far more likely to have a neighbor carve a pumpkin that looks like this ---->
because they just love pot so much that they have to let everybody in the world know.

Yes, this is the pumpkin that sits across the driveway from us. I kind of feel bad for the four small kids that live there. I can't imagine this was their first choice in design for a jack o' lantern...


  1. Oh that is so depressing. My husband and I have been following your struggles. One option is to move out of the state - but then who will bring to everyone's attention all the problems that have arisen from legalization of pot?? You should not be driven from your home b/c of this. It's so ridiculous. I see that. I just pray everyone else does!

  2. Sad, but unsurprising. My daughter and son-in-law live in Berkeley (until July, when we get them back closer to us) and they feel strongly that Prop. 19 won't pass. DD says that - outside of the SF Bay area and a few other areas - folks feel about the same about legalizing pot as they would down here in the South! Amazing to me (as my only exposure to California has been SF and Berkeley - yikes!) but good.

  3. Wow. That is really sad. I feel for the children as well.


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