Thursday, November 4, 2010

Real Catholic TV: The Premium Channel is Definitely Worth Subscribing To!

We don't have cable or satellite TV. We do have a Netflix plan and watch movies most nights when the chores are done and after the girls have gone to bed. But I have a new favorite after-the-babies-are-in-bed routine. Real Catholic TV.

I've always enjoyed watching The Vortex when I saw it on other people's pages. And I was pretty happy when I figured out how I could embed the link and have it on my page (except then I wanted to post pretty much every Vortex episode that I watched... I'm usually practically cheering in agreement when I watch it...)

Then I saw on the Real Catholic TV main page that they were going to have a rather long interview with Bishop Bruskewitz posted. On the premium channel. Paul and I both really, really, really wanted to watch it.

I finally made the suggestion (roughly from memory... since Paul seems to remember it differently...):

Me: "So... I was thinking... I was wondering how much the Premium Channel for Real Catholic TV is?"
Him: (immediately speaks, possibly before I've even completed the sentence above) "Ten dollars a month."
Me: "Oh... ten dollars a month..." Long pause. "Because I really wanted to see that interview with Bishop Bruskewitz..."
Him: "Did you know that they have lots of different programs. They even have basic catechises training..." (he launches into what sounds very much like a paid ad for the online channel).

We made the leap and signed up for a Premium subscription for Real Catholic TV. And we definitely haven't regretted it. We've watched it almost everyday this week. I finally suggested that Paul put earplugs in when he went to work on his paper a couple of nights ago, so that he wouldn't be lured downstairs by "The One True Faith" music (this season is on the occult and is really, really interesting!). And as I was cleaning the kitchen tonight I put on the Basic Training: The Armor of God Episode "The Holy Spirit and Actual Grace" and listened while I swept the floor and scrubbed the counters and did the dishes that were still in the sink.

There was even a point two days ago when I was slicing vegetables in the kitchen and the house was very quiet. Sadie's become obsessed with puzzles and was sitting at the table doing a puzzle and Maggie was asleep in the swing. My computer lives on the kitchen counter and so I put on another Basic Training Video (this one was The Holy Spirit and Sanctifying Grace) and watched it. Then I glanced over and noticed that Sadie's eyes were glued to the screen and that she was watching along with me. Since she usually runs to try to change the channel when we're at Nani's and Grumpa's house and the news comes on (she thinks Dora is always on there!) that was pretty impressive!

Now to finish this blog post so I can go back to watching Armor of God: The Resurrection and Ascension!


  1. I've never heard of that one... The one we have rarely has anything I want to watch on it :-(

  2. It's just online as far as I know! And you can test it out by watching the tons of free stuff that they have on the site to see if you like it.


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