Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Middle of Nowhere?

Sometimes people drive up to our part of the state and, being from the city, feel like they're really in the middle of no where. I complained about it last year when deer hunters stopped by the side of the freeway and started walking around with their guns looking for deer in people's back yards on the outskirts of town.

Today, something a little funnier happened (it only ended up being funny because they didn't actually hurt anyone with their lack of common sense).

When I was driving with Nani and the girls we came upon a SUV less than a mile outside of town that had pulled over to the side. It was over the fog line (as in still on the road partially) on the freeway. Two men where by the back passenger side door shoving what looked to be a fir tree into the back seat...

It seems that they had stopped, on the freeway, to find the perfect Christmas tree.

I think they thought that they were a little further into the "middle of nowhere" than they actually were."

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