Friday, June 21, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday... Sadie's 5th Birthday Edition!

Today, the longest day of the year, also happens to be the day that welcomed our first born into the world.  I can hardly believe that it's already been five years.  And so today's Quick Takes will be 7 Quick Takes Sadie Edition.  Starting with this:

Then we had this conversation yesterday...

Sadie (while looking at a book with a picture of the solar system): "I'm worried about Pluto."

Me: "What?"Sadie: "I'm worried about Pluto."Me: "Why?"Sadie: "Because they made it not a planet anymore."Me: "I think it's going to be okay."Sadie (in a very sad voice): "Yeah. Me too."

Sadie is pretty much Patrick's favorite person.  I might (heavy on the "might") have a slight edge because of milk production, but honestly... no one can make Patrick laugh like his biggest sister.  Probably because she's absolutely over the moon for him and could spend all day making faces and talking in baby talk while looking at him adoringly.

In fact, I think that the kid should have extraordinarily high self esteem, because she acts as his own personal cheerleader.

The other day Sadie raced into the kitchen and told me to come quick because of Patrick.  "Look!  Look at what he's doing!!!!"  By her tone I thought he was tap dancing on the dining room table.  Or maybe actually crawling (although who needs to crawl when your an expert scooter?).

The excitement was actually over the fact that he was pushing himself up with his arms and looking around.  Which he's been doing for months and months.  But Sadie was ready to have a party to celebrate the accomplishment so... yeah... she's his own little cheerleader!

I heard her tell Nani that she's going to be five tomorrow and that means she'll be a kindergartner and she and Mommy are starting school... 

And while I have been making school plans that's absolutely not what we have planned for tomorrow (and she should know since she had some very specific requests!).

I think my girls pretty hilarious.

Take these pictures for example.

In case you can't tell, they're dancing: 

Does he look like he's begging with his eyes for someone to get him out of there?

He might be...

Yesterday I had a migraine.  Sadie realized I was pretty sick and said:

"Mommy, you need to sit down and take a rest.  Don't worry.  I can watch the babies."

The only problem is that things like this happen:

See that picture of the three of us by the river?  Can you tell what Mae's doing?  She's taking off her shoes.  Because she's about to try to plunge into the icy cold, high water (because they're releasing water from the dam).  Yup...  I really can't leave her with anyone...

But Sadie was very sweet and did insist I lay on the floor in the living room while she felt my forehead and declared that it felt warm and repeatedly told me I needed to hold still and rest.

I still just can't believe she's already five.  Where has the time gone?!?!?!

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  1. Happy Birthday Sadie!! Don't you just love how older siblings are so encouraging towards younger siblings. Elsa is always being told about how she is the "cutest baby int he world" and "so smart for crawling" and gets cheered for every little thing. It's so great!

  2. Happy Birthday Sadie!!!

    No matter how much I prepare for any of my kids' birthdays, when I reach them, their reality still manage to surprise and shock me. "Wait, daughter X is how old now?" Yeah, don't know how it happens!

  3. I love that kid!! Happy happy birthday Sadie - I miss you!!

  4. My son turns five on the 4th of July, so I know how you feel. I still try to cradle him and he lets me. Where does the time go? Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  5. Believe me... the big 16 is a hard one to swallow also! Have a great time celebrating her birthday, this is such a fun and precious age.

  6. Happy Birthday, Sadie! I hope you had a wonderful day with your family!

  7. I've been there. Lying on the floor while a child crawls around on me; waiting for the migraine to pass. The do get better as you get older but then change of life can stir them up again. I could say it was nice your kids are so understanding but they have learned empathy from you and your dh.
    As far as the age goes; my oldest ds just turned 27 and oldest dd turned 18. (2 others on either side at 10 and 24) It goes by fast when you look back but when your in the trenches; some days are awfully long! LOL


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