Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sewing, Chalk and Smiles with Mr. Giraffe

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the last couple days:

Nani stocked the freezer with gluten free waffles.  And they have been a huge hit with Mae.

I'm pretty sure that the waffle started out on the plate.  But she had to have a place to keep her chalk while she ate.

And look!  Her hair was back in a clip for approximately 15 minutes before she realized it had been put up.
The waffle distracted her for the long enough for that to be possible.

Sadie and Grumpa went out for a drive...

Patrick and Giraffe played on the porch:

And last night, before Patrick began the night in which he didn't sleep unless he was in my arms (tooth #3 is giving him a tough time I think) I sewed him robot pants!

I made them by tracing a pair of jeans that fit him and was glad when they turned out!

That horse Patrick is holding is looking to usurp Giraffe's position as favorite toy.  Patrick may have two favorite toys now...

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