Monday, June 24, 2013

A Prayer Request and A Way to Help

I know that a lot of you probably already read Dwija's blog House Unseen {Life Unscripted}.  She is one of my favorite bloggers and she's had a tough couple of months ("tough" is probably an understatement).  At the beginning of May, Dwija told us that she was pregnant and that she hadn't been blogging as much as she usually did because she'd started bleeding and been diagnosed with subchorionic hematomas... and while there was bleeding, in most cases baby and mom would be okay.  And then, the day before she hit 15 weeks, her water broke.  It's apparently the kind of thing where the doctor suggests aborting so it can "just be over" (or something like that).  She was basically told to go home and wait for the miscarriage to begin.  But it didn't.  And with tons of people praying, Baby Borobia is still staying put and growing, although the fluid keeps leaking. 

This past week Dwija mentioned a problem that mothers around the world can sympathize with (or at least imagine the horror of).  A stomach bug had hit her house and she had poopy and pukey laundry and her washing machine was leaking water into a bucket that has to be emptied several times a cycle (which is definitely not something she should be doing!).

And Cari, over at Clan Donaldson, took action.  I was so incredibly grateful when I saw Cari's post about having a fundraiser for the Borobia's laundry room.  I'm even more excited now that she's posted an update.  How awesome is it when people come together and help in such a wonderful way!

So, if you have an extra five or ten bucks lying around (or more!!!) head over to Cari's page and hit the donate button.  People are also sending gift cards to Cari and she's going to sending a package to the family to use to fix the laundry room up.  And if you can't help monetarily, I know that they appreciate any prayers that you have a moment for!

Thanks to everyone who's donated and prayed!  Every time I see an update from Dwija I race over to read it, and I'm praying for the day that she has a cute, chubby cheeked healthy baby in her arms!

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