Thursday, June 20, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real}


When Paul saw this he said something about needing to buy a gun...

I believe he was picturing the shotgun variety to ward of future suitors...


My weekly Patrick in the Happy Category photo of the big boy after we came back from yesterdays walk:


So... my kids...

I mentioned this on the facebook page but I just had to share the pictures.  They've come up with a new game and Sadie's been talking about it non stop because it's so much fun.   It's called "Statue of Mary." It's just what it sounds like.  They stand in this little spot in a corner and pretend to be statues, while I say "hey, don't you want to run around since we're outside?"  And Sadie says:  "But Mommy!  We're playing Statues!!!!"


So Paul came home the other night and saw Mae and she looked like this:

And he suggested that maybe I should work a little harder to wash her sheets.  And then this happened (let me see if I can convey the flow of the conversation).

and then
Me:  So... Why exactly do you think there have been no sheets on this bed for weeks?
Paul:  Well... I'm guessing there was an accident and they have pee on them.
Me (again):  No. The sheets are fine. It's because I put the fitted sheet on and she goes crazy and screams and rips it off and throws it on the floor.
Me:  Yeah.
(yeah... I'm frequently speechless too when it comes to Mae)

Oh and her other antic? I keep finding Sadie's Holy Baby doll stuffed between Mae's bed and the wall, hidden under blankets and pillows. The doll makes her way there every single day.  And Mae has her own doll, which is basically new, but she steals her sister's well loved, favorite and hides it pretty much whenever she can...  Here Sadie is after I returned her doll:

And that is my take on today's {phfr}!  For more {phfr} fun head over to Like Mother, Like Daughter!


  1. That's so funny about the sheets! My 3.5 year old daughter has been refusing to sleep under a blanket of any kind; and she will only sleep on top of the made up bed. I thought she was nuts, but I guess it's the age! Luckily she took to this freak in summer!

  2. You're definitely going to need that gun. Your daughters are such little beauties:) My husband says the same thing...


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