Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sadie's Sadie Morning Nun Talk: Part 6

Sadie's been full of sound bytes that had me thinking "that would be perfect for a Saturday morning post!" these past couple of weeks, but in the rush of traveling, I didn't write anything down.  Still, one in particular stands out:

"When I die and go to heaven I'm going to pray really hard that the Munch-ka-doodle stays away from doom."

The Munch-ka-doodle is her latest nickname for her sister and "doom" was the word she was using frequently with this week after hearing it in one of her books and asking what it meant.



And then there was:

"Do you think she wants to be a nun now?" 

Which was said after her sister came over and handed her a wooden toy and then walked into the other room.  Sadie was very surprised that Mae appeared to be sharing a toy... Actually I was pretty surprised too.  


I don't think I'd mentioned it, but the dress portion of Sadie's Carmelite habit went missing a couple of months ago and she'd been worrying about it... to the point of tears.  I'd searched and searched and couldn't find it anywhere.  I offered to sew a new one (which I was planning to do for her birthday anyways) and she was very upset and said she just wanted her dress back... I finally found it squished between two boxes, which I'm guessing happened after I moved boxes into the laundry room after the first basement flooding episode.  She was giddy when I told her that it was in the wash...

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