Thursday, June 6, 2013

{phfr} California Edition



Smiley Patrick.  He can brighten any day.


When she climbed up on the table with a broom I had an idea what she had in mind...

Thankfully she decided against attempting to fly.


Triple digits can mean coming up with creative ways to stay cool.

This week Grumpa came up with giant ice cubes (with a towel frozen into it so they can pull it around on the deck).  The giant ice cubes were a huge hit:


  1. Okay I'm loving all the pictures of Mae with no paci - she's so pretty!!! Is California mellowing her out or were just lucky enough to get the pictures snapped without?

    And that giant ice cube idea is brilliant!!! I wish my husband hadn't just unplugged our chest freezer... I'm going to try to rustle up some huge containers that will fit into our regular freezer and then I'm totally doing this with the kids!!! They are constantly begging me for ice cubes, I bet I could keep them busy for a good long time with giant ice cubes outside!

  2. What a sweet baby boy, you must love kissing those cheeks!

  3. The ice cubes are AWESOME, and as ever, I adore Patrick's smile

  4. your children are beautiful!


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