Thursday, June 27, 2013



I love this first picture.  It's probably because no one is making a weird face or hiding from the camera or grimacing in a fake smile.  And that makes it "pretty" in my book:

For today's post I did a little playing with the various editing effects to see how each picture turned out.

This one is antique...

I boosted the color on this shot of Mae day dreaming...


Of course, I had to have my token picture of Patrick and his signature "Patrick Smiles."

He thought that the recycled tennis shoe ground at the playground felt funny:


This might be my favorite picture ever.

I feel like the face Patrick is making is begging to be cropped into a meme:

The next two are experiments in effects too...  Oh Patrick... to be an only brother:

And I know I already showed you this one... but... here it is in Sepia... just ready to hang on a wall...


I'm also learning to tolerate certain messes.  Like this one.  Yesterday Mae made rice/bean/barley/chickpea (or something like chickpeas) angels in a 5 lb mess of rice/bean/barley/chickpeas on the floor.  It made her week.  She loves how it feels.  And sweeping the floor doesn't take too long...


  1. Yikes! That mess is definitely "real"!

    Your kids are so cute!

  2. You are a good Mama to be okay with rice/beans on the floor like that. Sometimes the mess of the project hinders me from doing the project...but the messy ones are the most fun anyway.

    I liked that picture of your and your backpack babe too! Super cute.

  3. That Meme totally need to be something along the lines of, "Don't worry, Ma. I got your back."

  4. This litany of shots really showcase just how much they've all grown! I actually gasped at the photo of Mae day dreaming. And Patrick... my goodness... sitting up in that wagon like a big boy!

    Sadie's got her hands full as the beautiful big sister to these two. Looks like she's taking it all in stride perfectly.

    As always, Cam, your family warms my heart and makes me want to be a better mom, myself. <3

  5. Have you thought about a sensory table or box for Mae? Basically all that was on your floor into a contained area. When my boy was younger I used a long under the bed storage container so he could sit in it. I would also bury random small toys for him to find. He loved it!

  6. I'm actually eagerly awaiting the arrival of a covered sand box (I think we're going to put rice and beans in it since she'll eat sand by the handful), along with lots of toys. But now I'm going to google sensory table too, because I'm definitely looking for a way to contain the inside mess (I was thinking of bins, but haven't gotten anything yet).

  7. The meme photo has so much potential!

    "'Sup, ladies?"
    "backpack baby frowns at your shenanigans"


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