Sunday, June 16, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Father's Day Edition!

It's 1:51, Patrick and Mae are napping and I can just barely keep my eyes open.  The mid-day sleepiness is getting to me.  I did manage to have Paul snap pictures of Sadie and me together before he headed off to the library for yet another day of studying.  

The top and skirt I'm wearing are from a Ross in El Paso during last years road trip.  The headcovering is a rose silk convertible covering I made (now I need to photograph and list that color/fabric combo!) and now have decided to keep it because I'm so happy with how it turned out.  And the shoes are my I've-worn-them-everyday-all-day-for-6-months-Walmart-flats and they're starting to look as if they may need to be replaced soon (I do feel like I got my $12 out of them).

We didn't quite make it through Mass to the final blessing today.  It was close.  We were 80 minutes in and Mae was about to lose it, for the 70-th million time and Paul and I made eye contact and we knew it was time to quietly slip out the back before she started to scream.  I don't like leaving early but sometimes... the kids are just done... And this wasn't the latin mass (in case you're wondering if that's why it was so long).  It was time for the final blessing, but our pastor raised his hands and said "wait..." and began another round of announcements and I think all the parents in the room moaned inwardly because the toddlers in the room were ready to revolt.  

Did I mention that this was the kids' mass?  It was.

I have to say that, when I don't have kids with me, I don't mind a 90 minute mass in the least.  However with a 7 month old a not-quite-three-year-old and an almost-five year old any time over 70 minutes begins to get questionable.  90 minutes of silence is a lot when you're two.  Especially when you've bitten your mom's collar bone five times trying to grab hold of her necklace with your teeth...

And of course I'm rambling because I feel a teensy bit guilty about leaving before the final blessing... and I'm trying to justify it to myself.  I mean, I know we have a pretty good reason... I just don't like it!

But that's enough being distracted by the fun of tackling Mass with three four and under (that's the last time I can say that!).  Here's what I actually wore:


  1. Beautiful white skirt! I feel like those are essential for summer...yet I don't have any. The photo of you two is a framer! Such a lovely photo of a mother and daughter.

  2. I also love the skirt! I'm rather envious; since I'm 5'2" and curvy, I can't wear a long skirt without looking rather frumpy, so I envy those who can!

    I have a pair of flats like that from Payless. I think I dropped $20 for them, and I've had them for a year or so...:D

  3. I love your top. I assume it's two pieces (a tank top and a cardigan). The tank top looks it purple with white polka dots at the bottom and then a bit red at the top?

  4. It has just a tiny bit of sleeve, and it is two pieces. It all used to be the same color, but I washed it one time and the bottom part seriously bled and faded to the color it is now, while the lace on the top stayed the color it was. Thankfully I still like the faded color of the bottom and so it's a keeper! Then again, I'm such a sucker for polka dots I'm not hard to impress!

  5. I love how you and Sadie are color coordinated! And the faded color on the top is really pretty, the two definitely complement each other :)


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