Thursday, June 13, 2013

Theme Thursday: Dad

When I thought of today's Theme Thursday link up the perfect picture instantly came to mind.  Which is good because my camera-computer connecting cord was in transit this week since I left it back in California, and so no new pictures have been snapped in a while.  So I looked back in the archives and found these three... and just had to share.  For more link up fun head over to Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday!

Daddy and Sadie go for a walk...
Tiny Mae.

Baby Patrick!  Although looking at this photo... I suspect the anesthesiologist might take credit for it.  It's all a little blurry...
And of course I had to add one with Grumpa!

And G.G.

Visiting with Great Grandpa (G.G.) through the window!

 Have a lovely Father's Day Weekend!


  1. Such sweet photos! I think photos of dads walking with their daughters are so stinkin' precious. :)

  2. So precious! Wonderful moments with dad(s). :-)


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