Thursday, June 20, 2013

Theme Thursday: Water

I had a picture all picked out for the Theme Thursday theme of "water" but when I went to upload it I got distracted by all the pictures I kept coming across of my little water bug who will be five years old tomorrow.  

Sadie loves the water.  She's in swim lessons right now and this last week I was watching her from the bleachers on the first day of class and found myself laughing at her daring personality.  The instructor took the four students in her level one class to the edge of the water and asked them to get in.  The other three stood on the steps.  Sadie was instantly submerged.  She goes underwater and stays there.  Her fearlessness is the reason she's still in level one (apparently she's having some difficulty passing the water safety portion... fail on the part of her mom who was a lifeguard and swim instructor for eight years... and has plenty of water safety talks with her...).  Thankfully she has gotten much better at listening to her teacher (before the excitement was just. too. much.) and staying on the wall, although I'm amazed at what she can do with one little hand touching the wall at all times...

I glanced down at my book and back up to see what she was doing and would see three dry little heads and one pair of feet sticking up out of the water...

And so I thought I'd share a few little pictures of my little water bug:

Making a wave that went down the ramp and soaked her day dreaming little sister...

Here's a blast from the past...

Our little lady...

And here's the picture I planned on posting, taken from a spot that I dearly love...


  1. "Water bug" - what a great name! She looks like she really does enjoy the water. And your fall scene? GORGEOUS! So serene. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Did you start with "mommy and me" water classes or straight into lessons? We have a water bug but haven't done anything because he also has zero fear.

  3. So cute! I esp. love that first one and the reaction on her face. That last one is a beautiful spot!

  4. We've done Mommy and Me with Mae because I wouldn't do that to any swim instructor (unleash the Mae Monster) but Sadie has zero fear... and I totally sit there at most lessons and watch her because they don't always do an excellent job watching them (although I was really impressed with her current instructor). There was a preschool class she was in first and then straight level one, although I have a feeling we'll be repeating it a few times because she's so fearless that I don't see her passing the water safety part any time soon.

  5. water coming out of a hose and a toddler is classic!

  6. These are so pretty! I think my favorites are the 2nd and the last. I love the reflection of the trees in the water, :-)


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