Sunday, June 2, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Today Nani accompanied us to Mass, in an attempt to help me manage this unruly group:

Here they are trying to be on their best behavior.  Or something:
That smile?  It says "we survived!"

At that point I'd been carrying Mae for about 75 minutes.  Which is my workout for the day.

We had a rather difficult Mass.  I am developing a whole knew sympathy for those who have breathing allergies.  

You see, at Mass this morning, there was incense.  My mom mouthed those words to me when I sat down and I took a deep breath and hoped that the ceiling was high enough and that maybe, just maybe, we'd be okay.

About three minutes later Patrick started having problems.  Nani took him outside and I was left with Sadie and Mae.  Then Sadie, whose been allergic to everything in the air all week, began sneezing over and over again... and her eyes started to water and her breathing started to sound labored.  I stood up and guided her to the door, remembering that she was about 30 minutes into a dose of Benadryl and wondering what she would have been like if she hadn't been full of allergy medication.

I stood in the doorway with Mae, while Sadie prayed in front of the statue of Mary and went down to see the fountain behind the Church with Nani and Patrick.  Normally I have strict rules about what happens when we're outside during Mass.  Usually if someone is taken outside for unruliness they have to be held, facing the wall and nothing interesting happens.  But no one had been misbehaving in this case, and there was no way they were going to be able to reenter the Church as it was and so, I let Sadie play on the grass, while Patrick laughed hysterically at every move that she made. 

After I went up for communion, with Mae strapped to my chest, she began to cough and fuss, but all in all she really was the best of the bunch in terms of reactions.

To be honest, I never imagined incense would make going to Mass this difficult.  I have to admit when I smell it I feel like we should leave... and if I had been by myself with the kids we would have had to.

Anyways, now for the point of this WIWS post: What we actually wore!

I wore the white dress with black polka dots that was one of my very first sewing attempts, with my little white church sweater, and a black belt and my black-I-wear-them-every-week-now-that-it's-warm flats.

Patrick did wear pants to Mass...

 Just not in the pictures snapped after Mass.

I did try to get a few pictures before we left...

No one was cooperating.

Mae was laying on the table:

Patrick was trying to rip his sister's fabric flowers off of her shirt:

At least he took a break long enough to smile for one picture....

And Sadie was four going on fourteen when the camera came out... The photo below?  That would be her "attempt" at a smile this morning...

And that is my What I Wore Sunday post!  For more WIWS fun head over to Fine Linen and Purple!


  1. It really looks like Patrick grew an entire head of hair since last week... did he?

    Adorable all around btw...

  2. Love the polka dots. Lots of people chose polka dots today!

  3. Polka dots are awesome!
    Our new associate pastor has brought incense back to our church. I never knew how much it bothered people. Each week he announces which of the Masses will have incense.
    I'm here from Considerings, just wanting to meet all the co-hosts. Plus, I always like to meet other Catholic women here in blogland!

  4. I had to laugh at your comment about 4 going on 14 - as the mom of a 14 year old girl, I can well understand the moods, etc. OY!!


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