Thursday, June 6, 2013

Theme Thursday: Girls

Yesterday we went to a park that we've been to many times in the past.  Sadie, while looking at pictures  before our trip back to California, spotted it and began referring to it as "the lonely park" and the name stuck.  It's off in the woods, in a tiny town, and if there isn't an event nearby, it's pretty much always deserted.  I pointed out that it wouldn't be nearly as lonely there now, with three kids in the family, especially with a sister who's now old enough to play.  And play they did.  

I was giddy when I realized that I had captured a rare picture.  They're both smiling.  No on is blurry. But, let me say this again because it's so incredibly rare (at least captured on film because I'm pretty sure that my canon is one of the slowest cameras on the planet...): They're both smiling.  At the same time.  In a picture.

And so that picture is today's Theme Thursday post for the topic of Girls.  

Here are my girls:

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  1. I love tiny, little, lonely deserted parks in the woods! "Lonely parks" are my favorite!

    Cute picture!

  2. You did capture a great one! They are both adorable. I had a canon too, and you are right, so so slow.

  3. Yeah! Great job and great picture. It looks like a nice place.


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