Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sadie's Saturday Morning Nun Talk: Part 7

Yesterday was Sadie's 5th Birthday and after helping me decorate the cakes I'd baked the night before we got down to the very important business of blowing out the candles.  Except I forgot to tell her to make a wish until after the candles had been blown out.  But... She still made her wish.  And here it is (along with the lovely vocals of our entirely tone deaf non musically talented family):

Now in case you need a Sadie translation I believe she said:

"I wish that I could be a nun.  Until my whole life burns and then go to heaven to be with God."

I had to relisten to the middle part to get what she said in the middle.  She's been more than a bit interested in death of late and has been asking about a million questions, after the passing away of my 20 year old cat back in California earlier this year... and apparently that made it into the middle part of her birthday wish... although I was surprised by the "until my whole life burns" part which I'm guessing was inspired by the candles.

Anyways... This week she took a lesson from her Saint Therese book to heart.  She'd been getting grabby trying to make sure that she'd get her snacks before Mae did and one morning I stopped her and said:  "Do you think Saint Therese would have said 'I want mine first?' to her little sister.  If you still say you want the first banana, I'll give it to you.  But it's something I want you to think about.  It's your choice."

And she paused and thought for about five seconds while I continued peeling bananas (because I was going to give them both at the same time in reality) and got a little smile before saying:  "No.  I want Maggie to have hers first."

She then spent the rest of the day carefully watching to make sure Mae had whatever it was I was handing them before she would even reach for hers...  She does take her desire to be like Saint Therese and "love God best" quite seriously!


  1. What is it about that St. Therese??? MY daughter is named after her (she refers to St. Therese as "my St. Therese) and the two people she most wants to make happy seem to be Cinderella and St. Therese (some days more Cinderella, though, haha). Her great-grandmother passed away recently, and she keeps talking about how she doesn't want GG to "take her St. Therese" when she gets to heaven. Haha...hope this leads to generosity like with your sweet little Sadie!

  2. So sweet! I'm glad she had a wonderful birthday!

  3. I'm not a Catholic but as a fellow Christian to hear a child so young pledge her love of God is awesome!


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