Monday, June 24, 2013

Week Ending: Sadie's Birthday Edition

Our weekend was all about princesses:

She was pretty excited about being 5...

Paul and I got her a ballerina tea set (it has little ballet slippers on it) and five books about tea parties (like Angelina Ballerina and Fancy Nancy).

Mae's been practicing her "prayer" hands... and she likes her googles.

Sadie pretty much had her day planned out well before it arrived.

We woke up and opened presents and had breakfast.
Once everyone was dressed we were off to the playground and the zoo.
At the zoo she rode a camel.
After the zoo we went to Taco Bell (the only place in the world she wanted to go... we let her choose anyplace... anyplace at all...).
Then we went home where she talked to both sets of grandparents on Skype.
She helped me decorate her birthday cake... and we ate it!
Then I made dinner.  She'd requested chicken drumsticks and bacon.  I surprised her by making giant turkey drumsticks too, along with artichokes and a bowl of strawberries, bananas and blueberries.
Then her sister went to bed and she and I read and stayed up until her new bedtime of eight... and then her big girl birthday day was over!

Here she is with her new nun doll!  She named her "Marie."

Tough guy.

Mae, our little monkey, on the monkey bars.

Sadie visits with the lions.

Sadie asked to visit the children's memorial garden at the zoo to "pray for the babies."  I'm always a little amazed that she remembers that it's there.

Riding the camel.

The cake.  She added a lot of sprinkles.

There were cupcakes too... and a lot of leftovers.

Our little daydreamer... 

Poor Patrick... he's definitely a brother with two sisters.

Cuddles with Mae.

This is her favorite "school book."  She asks to look at it every night after Mae goes to bed... and then we have our before bedtime conversation about volcanoes...

Saturday morning she was ready for swim lessons.

Patrick's learned how to stick out his tongue when I take pictures...

And then we lay around under the castle in the yard because there wasn't any shade anywhere else.

Mae was happy...

Until she realized she'd been left out (when I began to focus my camera on her she'd been smiling...)...

She snuggled on my lap until she felt a bit better and then lay down a little ways away from her brother and sister...

But Patrick came to find her and she was thrilled!  He saved the day!

Back inside the big kids had to try out the exersaucer that Nani sent...

Even Sadie got in on the fun...

We hope you had a fun weekend!  

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  1. Looks like a fun birthday to me! I'm jealous of that cake! Awesome!


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