Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

Lately Mae's fascination with Patrick has grown steadily.  In the beginning he was a boring baby, but now that he can stand she's decided he's worth further consideration (and kisses and hugs and cuddles).  He's especially in her good graces after I held him while she pretended to waltz around the kitchen yesterday afternoon.

Then I heard her call him "Ba-Boy" tonight and I paused.  "Ba" is the word she has always used for Paul.  During this trip I also heard her say "Grandpa-Ba!"  and now, finally, Patrick is "Ba-Boy."

And as her vocabulary is growing she does seem to be calming down a bit... sometimes... okay... once in a while...

--- 2 ---

Either Maggie has decided that babies are wonderful, or I've been eating too well during the visit to Nani and Grumpa's (or both).  This morning she came over, looked at my tummy carefully and then hugged me and kissed it excitedly.

Apparently Sadie's enlisted her in the lobbying effort for more babies.

Apparently when a baby gets much bigger than this in our house
the little one's start lobbying for more...
--- 3 ---

Patrick is promising to be every bit as stubborn as his little-big sister.

There have been several tantrums over my insistence that he hold my hands while he's standing, since he can't  yet stand on his own. He'd prefer to lean back slightly against my legs and have me lunge wildly to catch him when he topples over.  I'm not really cool with this plan.  But he's determined...

--- 4 ---

Have I ever mentioned that Paul's name appears to be on some sort of international flying watch list?  Flying with him means stop after stop at security gates.  In London they complemented the blanket I was crocheting while pulling Paul to the side for a pat down.  In Israel we were taken away from our travel group so that they could carefully search every one of his bags and question him extensively about the crucifix that now sits on our mantle. In Switzerland they took his passport and said that there was a problem and told me that I could go on my way (Um.  No.  I'm not leaving my husband to get on a plane while you keep him because "there's a problem.").  When he was in Rome they kept him and ran checks for about thirty minutes.

Yes, that's the joy of flying with my husband.

So I'm especial excited to fly with him and the three kids on our upcoming journey from California to Michigan!  Maybe he won't be kept quite as long while holding a squirming two year old and juggling her car seat?

--- 5 ---

Sadie and Mae's birthdays are just around the corner and I haven't started sewing yet. And Sadie's requests are varying from "a Saint Bernadette dress" to "a Saint Therese dress" daily.  Hopefully she makes us her mind before I start sewing... because once the fabric has been purchased... no more mind changing will be allowed!

--- 6 ---

Please pray for Dwija!  I've been stalking her blog, waiting for updates and last night's updates means it is time for even more prayers that her sweet little one stays put and continues to grow.

--- 7 ---
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  1. My brother in-law has the same problem as Paul! He's a computer engineer and travels to Asia frequently for business, but a few years ago his name was placed on the no-fly list. It makes all of his trips an exhausting, infuriating struggle. His name is John Black, by the way. Pretty sure he's the only guy in the world with an unusual name like that! ;)

  2. Paul's being watched? He didn't donate to the Republican Party, did he?


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