Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

As winter temperatures have arrived here in Michigan I've decided to offer a coupon for my quilt store, Mae Bae's!  It's for 10% off and will be active this weekend (meaning there are quilts for less than $50!).  Take a look if your looking for something snuggly and soft for someone small this winter!

The code is Winter10 .  Just copy it into the coupon code section for 10% off your entire order!

The proceeds will go towards things like keeping the heat on (I'm closing my eyes when I open the gas bill already!) and buying Mae's crazy expensive supplements!

A snapshot of what you can find in my shop!

A long time ago, when I first opened my snood shop, I ordered a yard of some beautiful delicate lace.  When it arrived I was almost afraid to touch it.  I took a tiny piece and made it into a headband, but I was afraid to attempt a snood.  I put it away with my other fabric and packed it from California to Florida and finally to Michigan.

Recently I came across it and decided to turn it into a snood.  After a few years of sewing silk and lace almost every day it was far less intimidating.  And it was transformed into one of my favorite snoods ever (which I think will be perfect for advent!):

Back when I was a brand new baby blogger I remember stumbling across Tiffany's blog and beginning to follow it. She writes at Life of a Catholic Librarian and if you haven't been to her blog it's definitely worth a visit.  She talks about everything from being a mom to her love of dance to being a librarian.  Now she and Cristina, who's blog I've only just discovered (and I'm glad to have found it!), are hosting an Advent Veiling Project.

So for those of you who are curious about covering during Mass, or who are already passionate about it (or are anywhere in between) check out what they're working on!

Sadie approves...

Patrick is stubbornly resisting my instance that he "stay a baby" and he just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  He measured in at 22 lbs and 31 inches at his last doctor's appointment and he took three steps yesterday less than one week after his first birthday.  At the moment he's in love with playing ball and handing books to me and saying "Thank-eee.  Thank-eee.  Thank-eee Daddy."

Maggie, not to be outdone by her talking baby brother, said: "Roll ball! Roll! Roll!" and "Open!  Open!  Open!" yesterday.  She also added "More, more, more!" after crumbling up the apricot scone in her hands and dropping it on the floor.  Despite the words, I didn't hand over more scones for crumbling!

Another Thred-Up box arrived in the mail yesterday.  I had store credit that I used to get the bunnies some warm winter clothes... and a dress!

Sadie's Tinkerbell dress was less than $4 shipped and shows why I'm such a fan of this site... and since you get $10 off your first order, if you search (and have a bit of luck) you might just find a couple dresses like this for free (my first order was $2.99 shipped):

And two dresses arrived for me too!  Trying them on might be it's very own post...

For the first time since May every order that's come in has shipped!  I have a feeling (okay, hope) that a rush will be coming in before Christmas, so now is a great time to shop because I'm going to try to ship everything as quickly so I can stay ahead of the holiday rush!

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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning me and the Advent veiling project, Cam!! And I love that gorgeous Advent snood!

  2. oh, and check out my post that I will be publishing shortly. I mention headcovering, and I know that what I address specifically is a topic dear to your heart. :)

    1. Now I'm going to be stalking you! I get so excited about headcovering posts! And the curiosity is killing me!

    2. And then I realized it's already up! Yay! Now to go read!


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