Friday, November 8, 2013

A Year Ago Today...

A year ago yesterday afternoon I was in labor.  30-some hours later Patrick was going to arrive at 11 pm tonight after another c-section, but a year ago this morning that was still a ways off.  I was still up and about pacing the halls in my homemade hospital gown.

All day yesterday I found myself wondering where this last year has gone too.  It's gone by so fast!  

How did he get so big, so fast?  

And since I'm feeling so sentimental, here are a few of my favorite pictures that we snapped last year on our trip to the hospital:

Using hypnobabies.

Approximately 32 hours after arriving at the hospital... Patrick!

8 lbs 12.6 oz.  Our littlest baby.

Being transverse isn't easy!


Meeting his big sisters!
Happy Birthday to our big boy Patrick!  We're so blessed to have you!


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