Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Random Thoughts and a Jesse Tree Update

I'm in the middle of an email battle with a company that is about to get their very own, very special review here on this blog (although with a sinking feeling I believe I've been scammed... while I saw them recommended by plenty of friends on facebook, they're apparently not recommended by the Better Business Bureau and there are quite a few sites dedicated to exposing their scaminess...).  I did let them know I'd be writing about our exchange if they continued to insist on keeping my return and my money (which I felt like a jerk typing, but honestly, after the number of times they've gone back on their word I'm really feeling out of options)... because deep down I'm still hoping this is some horrible mistake and I've been trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I have a feeling that they don't really mind bad reviews... mine will just be another drop in the bucket.

On a happier note, the Jesse "Tree" is coming along nicely.  I finished six squares last night and if I can manage that again today I'll be done (with the square part at least!).  Here's the latest:


  1. The Jesse Tree project is beautiful! I am in awe of people whose fingers/hands/brains work creatively like that.

    With regard to the sleazy business... you may want to consider Tweeting about it if you get no satisfaction (Facebooking may work, too.) I know that a number of companies monitor Twitter for comment, especially negative ones. I happened to be answering a couple of tweeted questions yesterday from a Twitter follower, and a rep of the company that was being discussed suddenly popped into the conversation!

    We ourselves may take to this route to alert folks to a scary thing that happened nearly 2 weeks ago; more than $800 just disappeared from our checking account in a totally unauthorized PayPal transaction that made it appear we had "paid" someone who actually had a verified PayPal (and eBay) email address. While PayPal launched an investigation immediately, it was 7 days before the refund was authorized, and, as of today, it is not yet back in our account. That could have been someone's rent money, or made someone get dings on their credit report due to unpaid bills. PayPal's fraud team is supposed to be stellar, so this is very scary. I want to know exactly how this got by them in the first place. But I digress...


  2. Love the Jesse Tree you are doing! Definitely share your experience with others so that more people don't get fooled. God bless your Advent!

  3. Hi!
    This comment is a bit off topic, but I just wanted to leave a message to tell you how impressed I am by the way you raise your beautiful family and support it by your sewing/ crafting! I have been a regular lurker on your blog for years, and even though we have differing views on many things (I am a liberal lutheran planning to return to work when my kid is one year old, for instance...), I am always inspired and oh-so-impressed by your blog posts. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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