Sunday, November 24, 2013

Patrick Humor

A while back one of my favorite bloggers posted on her facebook page about how every time her baby son would kiss her she would say "excuse me Sir!" and he would laugh hysterically (and I would totally link to give her credit for this hilarious-ness but decided that it's a fine line talking about something on a personal page and so I'll just stick with the story).

I tried out the phrase with Patrick and he agreed that it was hilarious.

Today he was being silly across the room and he did something and I said those three words and he froze and turned around and gave me this look:

Because apparently he thought it meant that I wanted a kiss.

And so I leaned over and:

And then I was reminded what baby kisses are actually like and how close a kiss can be to a bite with a twelve month old:

He makes me laugh so much.

1 comment:

  1. YES.
    Love it!!!
    I am love love LOVING this kissing stage.
    Zuzu kisses me, all of her books, her baby dolls, windows, doors, the floor...I love it.


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