Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week Ending: The Cold is Here Edition

This wasn't supposed to go live until tomorrow, but I accidentally posted it before it was finished so I think I'll finish it up now and post it again!  I was camera happy this weekend (and so was Sadie).  For the most part we stayed inside because it was just so cold!  And we bundled because even inside it's pretty cold (I believe my thermostat is a liar because there's no way it's anywhere near as warm as it says it is).  Here's the latest:

Here's Patch reaching for Mae's favorite dress.
It may have usurped her boots as her favorite thing of the moment.
Patrick is walking pretty regularly now,
although he still drops down on the floor
and crawls when he wants to get somewhere fast.
She named her Penguin "Wollner"
and walks around the house with it saying things like:
"I'm so lucky to have a pet!"
I think she may be fishing for something...
Here's Maggie reading about homeschooling in the outfit that she
was hoping to wear to Mass.
Sadie and I have similar ideas of what "warm" means.
Mae must take after Daddy.
I still just can't believe how big he is getting.
I keep waiting for his other bottom teeth to arrive (he has four on top).
He figured out how to drink out of a sippie cup today and promptly
drank three cups of almond milk.
Ready to shop.
They danced.  A lot.
They both had a blast!
Is Sadie suddenly looking really tall to anyone else?
Our little ham.

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