Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Most Thankful Moment

I'm pausing from my quest to make a perfect (if slightly weird) Thanksgiving dinner to tell you what I'm thankful for this morning.

Right now my heart is full to bursting because of what happened when I paused from doing dishes to check on Maggie.  She was sitting on a rocking horse looking at the back of The Pokey Little Puppy.  This conversation followed:

Me:  "Mae, can you say Puppy?  Puppy.  Woof, woof?"
Maggie: (looking up and me and then back down at the circle of pictures on the back of the book and saying in a perfectly clear little voice):  "Elephant, boat, lion, train, bunny, bunny, balloon."
Me:  (coming out of the kitchen) "Maggie, that was so good!  Good talking!  I'm so, so proud of you!  Did you just say "elephant, lion, train, bunny, bunny, bunny?"
Maggie: (grabbing my hand and making me point at the elephant, boat, lion, train and then at the bunny twice and the blue balloon above the bunny once."
Me:  "Did you say 'elephant, lion, train, bunny, bunny, bunny?"
Maggie: (takes my hand and points at the boat)
Me:  "Oh, so you said, 'elephant, boat, lion, train, bunny, bunny, bunny?'"
Maggie:  (ever patient she took my hand and pointed at the each on putting extra stress on the balloon two more times)
Me:  "Ok.  So you said 'elephant, boat, lion, train, bunny, bunny, balloon?"

At which she happily released my hand and returned to looking at her story book.

That conversation, half in words and half in gestures would have been virtually unthinkable two months ago (and which one of us had the poorer memory because I really was trying to remember what she said.  Thankfully she remembered and definitely was willing to remind me).

This morning it feels like a triumph as she begins to be able to use words and gestures to communicate more and more every day.

I am so, so very thankful.

I hope you have a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving today!


  1. Amazing progress for an amazing girl!! Happy for you all! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. I wonder what she's gonna do when Patrick starts talking in sentences. My bet is she's not going to let him get ahead of her, no way! Obviously she can talk, and she can read. When she connects fully, she's gonna be awesome. God is so much bigger than autism. So much to be thankful for. God bless. ~ Bonnie

  3. She has really come such a long way in only two months! I know it's probably been a hard two months for you but can you imagine where she will be a year from now!?

  4. How wonderful! A great Thanksgiving gift!



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