Friday, November 8, 2013

A Year of Patrick

You may have thought one Patrick post was enough... but I'm on a birthday roll.  

I remember when Sadie was little and I couldn't wait for each milestone to come!  I couldn't wait for her to sit up and then crawl and stand and walk.

I'm a little less impatient now and find it easier to enjoy the moment and appreciate the baby-ness of right now.  I've come to realize that it goes by too fast as it is and with each milestone Patrick hits I find myself wistfully saying:  "My baby can crawl! When did that happen? You're still supposed to be tiny!"  

Then again, I do tend to love those teeny tiny baby days even when I'm in them... so I'd be okay if he would agree to stay teeny tiny a little bit longer!  

Still, I love looking back over the pictures and seeing how he's grown before our eyes.  And so without further ado, here is Patrick's first year in my very favorite pictures:

I felt like a grape.

He'd had a tough day!

Our smiley boy!

Mass with our big sisters.

The long suffering expression of a little brother.

Made new!

He wasn't too sure about this whole thing...

Binkie Buddies
(although Patrick could never keep a binkie long enough to start using one!)

Daddy time!

Dressed up for Mass!

New hats!

Patrick's first spring!

Mr Giraffe time!
(and Mr Giraffe looks so much newer!)

Mommy's bath time idea!

Pretending to sleep with our big sister.

It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's Super Patrick!

Yup.  Stuff like this happens when you have sisters.

Playing in the pool.

His sisters.  Again.



Growing and growing


One of the steps in his allergy prevention plan...
It was a little messy.
But it certainly worked.

He's such a ham when there's a camera around.

His hair was starting to get long and so...

He had his first haircut!
(by Mommy!)

Where has the time gone!

When did you get so big!

Patrick as Saint John of the Cross

Now he's eagerly awaiting the day when he can wear the Monkey Leash...
(maybe one without a pink bow though...)
Happy Birthday Patrick Xavier!
We love you!

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  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Patrick!!! We love you. Nani & Grandpa


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