Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Princess and the Cold Dilemma

The temperature has steadily been dropping and I've been hearing the heater come on more and more frequently and so I've taken to bundling Patrick and Maggie into layers so that we can turn the heat down a bit lower.  Patrick wears a cotton sleeper with a fleece sleeper over it day and night and Mae wears a fleece sleeper most of the time, usually with boots and a sweater too.  But I have a problem. 

The princess.

The princess will stay in warm clothes if we're going out, but approximately ten seconds after entering the house I'll turn and find her transformed in a leotard or princess dress. Almost immediately the "I'm cold" complaints begin.  I'll give her a sweater.  She'll say that she'd rather walk around with a blanket around her shoulders like a cape.  That will work for approximately five minutes until she drops the blanket and I hear "I'm cold" coming from the living room again.  I'll have her put on a sweater but as often as not it'll find it's way off within ten minutes.  

So, she's been cold a lot lately.  Or at least she was until two days ago when a polka dotted package arrived in the mail.  

You see, I stumbled across Thred Up, an online consignment shop.  When I clicked the link to the store a $10 off your first order coupon came up.  I scrolled around, found a Tinkerbell jacket for less than $10 and decided to go to checkout to see if the coupon would work.  And it did.  It covered everything except shipping.  So for $2.99 (the cost of shipping), I'd ordered Sadie a lovely Tinkerbell jacket.

It arrived a couple of days ago and I was definitely pleased.  The jacket looks new.  It fits perfectly.  And most importantly it passes princess muster more often than any of the sweaters in our house:

Sadie is a huge fan of the Tinkerbell movies...

So she was pretty excited when it arrived!

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  1. I learned when I began skiing the best way to keep warm is to wear a hat. I know, I know; she probably hates hats. But will Sadie wear some kind of hat? Stocking cap maybe? How about some kind of princess hat out of wool? Fur cap (consignment shop again?) Anyway, warmth is all in the hat!


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