Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Making a List, Checking it Twice: Christmas Presents for the Kids

I've been going back and forth debating going with 100% homemade Christmas presents again this year or with buying presents since spending 80 hours making gifts when I could be sewing for my shop probably isn't the best financial choice and doesn't totally make sense, even if it is fun and satisfying when all is done.  

Besides, I could do without the late night sewing stress of I-have-to-finish-this-doll-and-that-dress-or-I-won't-have-anything-to-give-them worries.  So, while I am still planning on making a few presents I purchased a few gifts that I've been thinking about buying over the course of the last year.  

It's an added plus that supporting every single one of these businesses makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

And I'm now done with my Christmas shopping for the year.  I still have major crafting plans, so I guess that kind of balances out (and several of these gifts are actually fabric kits to make the presents shown)!  

My goal when I started out, was finding three gifts for each of the kids.  I'm counting the holy cards as stocking stuffers and not one of the three!   I had an idea of what I wanted to spent (kind of), which I'll talk about a bit at the end.  Without further ado, here are the results of Christmas Shopping 2013 in our house: 

Sadie's Gifts

A lovely little chaplet from Roses for Mary

A doll making set from Saint Anne Studio

Our Lady of Lourdes by Shining Light Dolls
Purchased at The Catholic Company

Holy Cards by Portraits of Saints

Maggie's Gifts

Our Lady of Knock by Shining Light Dolls
Purchased at the Catholic Company

Our Lady of Guadalupe by Shining Light Dolls
Purchased at the Catholic Company

My First Book of Girl Saints by Magnetic Catholic

Holy Cards by Portraits of Saints

Patrick's Gifts

Baby Jesus Doll Kit by Saint Anne Studio

My First Book of Boy Saints by Magnetic Catholic

Our Lady of Czestochowa by Shining Light Dolls
from The Catholic Company

Holy Cards by Portraits of Saints

I went a little over budget, but not by too much.  My goal was to stay under $90 and my the final price tag was $121 (still not bad for all three!), but I'm still pretty excited to have supported small businesses and found the perfect presents for the holidays this year for our bunnies!

Now to get back to my Advent planning.


  1. Great choices! I like the fabric saint books. I might order those, too. We have the shining light dolls and my two year old LOVES them. She sleeps with Our Lady of Guadalupe all the time. The chaplet you got for Sadie is just lovely. So sweet! I'm almost done my shopping for my girls. Few more items left to buy and I'll be finished.

  2. So glad you posted this!!! I LOVE the chaplets / dolls. LOVE them! I might go this route for Vince.

    And kudos to supporting small businesses. I try to do that as much as possible, too, but you really outdid yourself (especially with a $121 pricetag for three!).

    Well done. Impressively well done. :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful choices! A few of the Our Lady dolls have also made their way into our gifts (OL of Czestochowa will be in my stocking!), and I am going to check out those Saint books. I always strive to support Catholic companies and religious orders when buying Christmas gifts. Our extended family receives coffees and teas from Mystic Monks from us each year.


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