Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sadie's Saturday Morning Nun Talk (in which I go off on a tangent)

Okay, so there isn't any actual talking about nuns in this post, and about ten sentences in I wander off on a tangent and start rambling... but it starts out with a cute Sadie moment that kind of fits my Saturday morning topic:

Last night I had to run upstairs to help deal with a mini-disaster and I asked Sadie to keep an eye on Patrick for a moment.  He was still strapped into his high chair, having suddenly decided that food is wonderful and that he needs to make up for all those months of refusing it, and so she skipped over next to him as I told her I'd be right back as soon as I could.  As I left I heard her say to Patrick in a serious little voice:

"Now Patrick, you know you can talk to Jesus all the time!"

And then she was rambling on in a voice I couldn't quite hear as I went up the stairs.

I love watching the different relationships between Patrick and Sadie and Patrick and Maggie.  Sadie acts like the perfect little mother, ready to swoop in to keep Patrick out of any "trouble" that she imagines that he's getting into.  I have to tell her that she isn't quite big enough to carry him yet about a half dozen times a day (although I think she's finally getting it) because she would very, very much like to lug him around the house.

Maggie and Patrick, on the other hand, are partners in crime.  They're basically inseparable.

If Patrick wasn't so insistent Maggie likely would have been perfectly happy to go along playing by herself, in her own little world during much of her play time time.  But Patrick would have none of that.  He has followed her around the house since he was able to scoot.  He wants to do everything that she does.  And he won't accept being ignored.

The relationship that has developed, from tolerating him to being the best of buddies, which is pretty amazing.  Yesterday I peeked my head out of the kitchen while making dinner only to see Maggie giggling and hugging him.  A few minutes later I saw him climb over her to get to the kitchen door, while she giggled hysterically.

And as I watch them together I can't help but be grateful that Patrick arrived before Maggie's diagnosis. I think if it were the other way around I would have worried far more about how she would react to him.  I know I would have spent months and months agonizing over the dynamic of adding a new baby... when there was really nothing to worry about.  Instead Mae's been blessed with the playmate that she never asked for, but that she most definitely needed and the resulting friendship amazes me!


  1. This is wonderful! I can't help but believe Patrick was just what Maggie needed!

  2. That is awesome! I wish we'd had another one close to my older girl but by the time adoption happened she was 8. (and my boys were a lot older) Still my youngest doesn't like being ignored either and she is super social. She does have a sharp tongue though and won't hesitate to correct social blunders. (maybe that's good as some people are too nice and that's not helpful either) Mae is lucky to have her sibs.


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