Saturday, December 14, 2013

Advent: the 13th and 14th days

The thirteenth day of Advent this year is the Feast of Saint Lucy, and while I had big plans in my head they didn't come to anything this year.  But I don't really think of that as a bad thing, since I like having ideas for things that I want to add in next year.  

Yesterday was a day of mini disasters.  I was in desperate need of getting to the store to do food shopping, but after bundling everyone up we discovered that the car battery was dead.  So Paul hopped on his bike and rode in the snow to Sears to buy a battery and then rode home with it on his bike and managed to cram his hands in the tiny space required to install it (while the babies waited impatiently after being bundled up to go outside!).

It was finally finished though, and everyone was bundled up again and the shopping was finally done and there is food in the kitchen again, which makes me very, very happy.

Now for our 3 Kings.  One the 12th the girls woke up to find them riding a lion around the play room:

While the shepherds enjoyed the princess castle:

Here's our Advent candle gradually burning down and showing our progress through this time of preparation:

And here's Boomer bundled in three layers and ready to go out into the cold!  He was having the toughest time waiting:

His sisters distracted him a bit:

And this morning, on the 14th day of Advent they came downstairs to find that the kings and shepherds had gotten in to some of Mae's therapy toys!

Now to get Sadie ready for ballet and more importantly, to survive the next four days until finals are over!

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