Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sisters and Settling in to Our New Temporary Home

The babies are asleep and I am enjoying our pitch black, clean hotel room, with every light turned off lest I wake someone up.  There is scalding hot water if you turn on the facet all the way to hot and it comes on every single time you turn the handle, which is a pleasant change.

It's like a little slice of heaven.

Paul took Maggie to therapy this morning and got to see her in action.  He was amazed at all that she can do.

However he missed the incredible cuteness of yesterdays session, when she climbed up on a swing next to a sweet little four year old boy who's also in ABA at the same center and rested her little head on his shoulder while they swung together.  Then he came over and asked her if he could play in the balls with her and they did for a few moments.

She was upset when she came home to our packed up room though.  At the moment she won't let me out of her sight when we're in the hotel and she sobs and screams for me the entire time I'm in the shower or using the restroom.  The changes have all been a little too overwhelming.  Hopefully life will be back to normal soon (Tomorrow?  I'm praying that's not just wishful thinking!).

Tonight Sadie, who is sick, climbed up into bed and glanced at Maggie.  "Keep her away from me.  I'm sick." She said as she slipped under the covers.  "Do you want her in the other bed?"  I asked, thinking that Maggie might also enjoy her space.  "No!"  Sadie said as if the idea was ridiculous. Of course they would be in the same bed. "Just not too close."She added.

Maggie was not having it though.  She got up and I could see her glow in the dark binkie cruising around the room.  She lay down next to the door while I walked Patrick around the room (he definitely has not been his easy-going-to-sleep self outside of his own room).  I thought she'd begun to doze as I put him into his crib.  Then I heard a tiny noise and turned around and saw her laying across Sadie's pillow/head.  By the time I grabbed my camera she had moved:

And then:

She wasn't exactly complying with her sister's request for space.

And finally:

I'm pretty sure Sadie was the one who cuddled up to her.
The giggle fest (with all three of them awake) lasted from 3 am to 6 this morning so I'm really, really hoping for a quiet night tonight!

I should probably call it an early night though... just in case three is the new seven!

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