Sunday, December 22, 2013


Watching Sadie and Maggie cuddling tonight has me smiling after a long day.  The world didn't end, everyone was finally fed and happy and in bed and although I was exhausted when Patrick just wouldn't go to sleep, I now find myself wide away and looking at the pictures I snapped today.  

Before last night I really didn't know what "freezing rain" was.  Growing up in the mountains of Northern California I don't remember ever seeing it.  If it was freezing outside it snowed (and sometimes when it was a little warmer than freezing it snowed!) and so this whole, rain banging against the roof while icicles form on the power lines was totally new to me.  

I was more than a little nervous last night, because I knew that Paul would be standing outside carding people and the rain was just so loud on our roof.  But he made it home safe and sound and was there to wake up with all of us when I began stumbling around the house trying to figure out why all the lights had burnt out at the same time and why it was so cold (yup... it took me about a minute before I realized what was going on).
Now that the girls are curled up together with Mae's little hand reaching out to hold on to her sister and Boomer is finally settled into his crib and I'm still rather amazed as I look through the pictures I snapped as we ventured outside this morning.  

The storm brought quite a bit of destruction with it.  Many lines were down as we drove around town and many trees were broken.  Nearly every street we drove down had damage and streets were blocked off.  When we drove home we had to back track for both trees and lines that were down (with Sadie being the little pessimist in the back and announcing that "there will probably be another tree THIS way too...").  

So here are my pictures from our ice filled day.  And if the weather reports are right we have a cold week ahead of us.  I hope the power comes back on soon!

I had a bad feeling as I was watching these form last night...

One of the many broken trees.  I didn't get any good broken tree pictures since
we were always moving when I snapped them.
Branches hanging down and blocking a lane.
All the bikes left outside were chilly.

Snow pants in the living room!


  1. My two oldest are in Lansing right now. They were singing at St. Patrick's with their schola. Most of the choir members were supposed to stay with locals but everyone is out of power... good thing grandma and grandpa drove and reserved a hotel. :) I wish I had been able to join them... I would have loved to meet you in person. Nice pictures! We're quite used to it in Cleveland but it never stops being breathtakingly beautiful.

    1. Not St. Patrick's... the Church of the Resurrection.

    2. That's our parish! Oh I wish you guys had been able to come (although not now during this power outage!)! It would be so fun to meet!

  2. Believe or not, we had the same kind of freezing rain/ice storm come through the Dallas/Fort Worth area earlier this month! It was devastating to a lot of trees; our neighbor down the street had a tree split into 3 sections. Of course, this being Texas, it basically shut the cities down for days, until the ice melted and people could drive again.

    Stay warm and safe!

  3. Hi Cammie, As a personal preference, I like to see descriptions pasted above pictures. That way, as I scroll down the page, it is seems easier to mentally connect the description with the correct picture. Just a thought... :)

    1. I usually try to add captions, but this time the captions would have been "frozen... icy... still frozen..." so I let the pictures speak for themselves. :)

  4. Don't know if your power is back on again or not, BUT if you don't have heat in the house, make sure you turn on your faucets (a little drip from each one, even in the basement, both hot and cold water, but it can even be just a drip) to prevent your pipes from freezing. If you don't and the pipes freeze and break, you'll be looking at a REAL mess and much time out of the house without water.
    Hope the power is back on though. Praying for you. God Bless. ~ Bonnie


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