Thursday, December 5, 2013

Blocks, Frogs and Unicorns: A Mae Update

I've been meaning to write a Mae update for a while now, since she's barreling past milestones just about every day.  I actually caught my favorite moment of the week on my camera when I glanced over and saw that she was stacking blocks.  I don't think I've ever seen her stack blocks in her entire life.  I've seen her destroy plenty of cities that her sister has built, so I was shocked when I glanced over and say this (and see if you can catch Patrick say "Aggie!" as he hands her a block at the beginning of the video):

Here are a few of my other favorite moments from the past week:

At the start of the week Mae was playing in the bath pretending to be a mermaid.  She was giggling and keeping her feet together and laughing when I would say they were her little fins and pretending to swim around the tub.  A few minutes later she looked at me and, in a clear little voice said:  "Ribbit!  Ribbit!"  "You're a frog now?"  I asked her.  She looked at me with a glimmer  in her eye and said:  "Hop!  Hop!  Hop!"

Mae's unicorn is so special I had to use the
"magic" mode on my camera to add a little
bit of sparkle to this shot...
She and her favorite unicorn have also been having a lot of fun.  Two mornings ago she ran across the room to her unicorn and said:  "Ride!"  After hoping on him (he's tiny!) she said:  "Go!!!!  Run!!!!" and after a pause "Away!"

She's also been giving me high fives and saying "Pat!" when she does it.  The word "Pat" is usually followed with a giggle and a glance at her brother, so it seems like she knows that the word sounds like his name.

She's also excited for therapy to begin each morning and I find myself shocked every time I glance into the room and see her sitting in her little chair doing activities!  I can hardly believe it's only been a month since therapy began!


  1. This post makes me smile! So happy for all her progress!!!!!!

  2. Cam, you must be so thrilled to see the progress she's making and to know that all the effort you're putting into this is making a difference for her. I am always amazed at all the things you manage to do with your husband gone so much of the time.


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