Sunday, December 22, 2013

Our Dominos Fiasco (Or the story of the worst customer service I can think of right now...)

Sorry Kid.  The man at Dominos says no pizza for you tonight.
You know how I was all about not ranting yesterday?  That was before I had hungry, sad babies in the house.

Today was hard. The sky rained down ice last night and we woke up to a crumpled, broken world.  We saw 10 lines today and the house was icy by the time we got up.  No power.  I spent the day calling the power company with no answer.  If it was just Paul and I we would tough it out but with three kids who do not do cold well we knew that wouldn't work.  We drove around for hours looking for a motel and finally got the last spot somewhere, checking in a 6 pm after a day in the car searching and being turned away again and again at places that were already full.  After gluten free bars for lunch the kids (and I) were starving.  And where could we get gluten free fair to go?  I instantly knew the answer.  Dominos has always been awesome for our gluten free/ dairy free requirements.

I have a routine with our local Dominos, which I'm pretty sure is the best Dominos ever.  I order and then immediately call them and ask them not to put butter on the pizza because Dominos does that, even if you ask for no cheese and there's no option on the website to ask for the pizza to be cheese-less and butter-less.  We've never had a problem in the past.

Tonight I called right away, just like I always do, and got put on hold for ten minutes.  It was a new store and after five minutes I was frantic because I didn't want there to be a problem with pizzas needing to be remade, or making the babies super sick.

I finally called back and when asked if I could hold said quickly, "No this is really important, it's about an order that's already in.  I just need to make sure you don't put butter on the pizzas."  The man told me he couldn't help me.  I repeated that it was really important AND about an order being made (according to the little man on the pizza making tracker) and that there couldn't be butter on pizzas.  I gave him my information and he told that he'd take care of it.

I guess he did. In a way.

Paul drove 45 minutes through the ice and snow to get food for our hungry kids who've been shivering in snowsuits all day.  They were excited about the pizza.  Really excited.  Gluten free pizza isn't cheap and so this isn't something Maggie gets to have very much and it's a very, very big deal when she does.
When Paul got there he was assured that no such order had ever come in.  When he mentioned that I'd called and been on hold and had told them about the allergy he saw a flicker of recognition in the mans eyes before denying that an order matching ours had come in all day long.

Really?  An order never came in?  That's funny, I have the confirmation right here on my computer.

So Paul left pizza-less to figure out where we could possibly get gluten free, dairy free food for our now starving kids.  And I'm way less thrilled about Dominos.  At least the Dominos off of West Saginaw in Lansing, Michigan.  They definitely get an F for customer service.  The rudeness on the phone I could get past but having 3 hungry kids who've had a tough day, waiting for dinner after 7pm has me pretty furious.

Hopefully Paul can figure something out because gluten/dairy free granola bars and bananas are getting kind of old after a day of eating them.

Thanks Dominos.  Thanks a lot.


  1. Did you complain to the company yet? Someone needs some customer service training. You'll likely get some coupons too, not that that helps when the babies are hungry. Hope Paul found something. I'm so glad my food allergies are fairly easy to avoid.

  2. That is awful. The only thing I can say in their defense is that, when we were iced in in Dallas years ago, Dominos was still delivering and I do wonder if they were crazy busy given the weather and power outages in your area. That said, even if they didn’t have the order, for whatever reason, that is no excuse for not putting a rush on making it exactly as Paul requested then and there and throwing in a discount or free drink or dessert or something for the trouble. Such a shame.


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