Friday, December 6, 2013

Our Three King's Advent Adventures: The Feast of Saint Nicholas

I was so excited to actually remember that this morning was the feast of Saint Nicholas before the feast actually arrived.  Nani and Grumpa had spoiled the kids quite a bit by sending on a Saint Nicholas day package, with pajamas for Christmas, a book for Sadie and Patrick and a Dora DVD for Mae, and one of the Shining Light Saint Nicholas dolls for each of the kids!  This morning they came downstairs to discover this:

Of course there was also a letter outlining our plans for the day:
If you click on the letter it should appear large enough to read!
Sadie found cuddle Frozen pajamas and a copy of the Frozen Golden Book along with her doll.

Mae found her own pair of snuggly pajamas and the ice skating Dora DVD with her doll:

And Patch found some snuggly cotton pajamas, a cute Teddy Bear book and his own little Saint Nicholas! 

Yesterday Sadie and I made sacrifice bead strands for each of the kids and they were a huge, huge hit.  I couldn't find Maggie's strand (which had rainbow beads with a pink cord), but the kids spend all day yesterday playing with them and hauling them around the house and trading them.

I made them with large wooden beads and parachute cord.  I tied a few rock climbing knots at the end and then burned the cord closed and so far Mae has yet to free the beads and roll them across the living room floor, so I'm cautiously optimistic that I may have made something that is Mae Bae proof.

As expected Sadie was the only one to use them as actual sacrifice beads, pulling a bead from the bottom to the top whenever she did something good or helpful or was kind to her brother or sister.  She was pretty much ecstatic to have her own pink beads:

To give you an idea of how big the beads are, here they are in my hand.
They look gigantic in the kids hands!

The search for the new baby King also went on through our living room and play room.

The sheep and shepherd still haven't found baby Jesus, but they did find the beads that we'd made:
 And Sadie discovered the Kings bending over a map, in front of our map wall, still searching for the baby King!
 Happy Feast of Saint Nicholas!  I can't believe we're almost a week into Advent!


  1. I've been loving your Advent posts, Cam!! I love all the photos, and I get great ideas to do with my own kids. :)

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  3. Oh! I would love to buy three sets of sacrifice beads from you, if you ever have the time. Those are perfect for little kids!

    - Joni

  4. I love it! The advent posts are always helpful. Thanks :)


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