Sunday, December 29, 2013

Okay... so I'm doing this...

Escape from the room play pen...
I know in the past I've mentioned having a problem asking for help... and an even bigger problem accepting help.  It's just... almost impossible for me to do.  I mean, any help.  Help watching the kids?  Nope.  Help with meals after I had a baby?  I got it.

In the past I've been able to put up sales to raise money when the car has broken down or some other disaster has come up, but this time I don't even have a place to sew or electricity to sew with, so I feel stuck.  I was so pleased when I shipped out the last of the sale orders for my Thanksgiving Sale.  I'd done it!  December was going to be a piece of cake.  Easy peasy.

And then this storm hit.  It's funny, I was sitting at my sewing machine when it was raining down, listening to the rain turn to ice on the roof, watching icicles form on the trees and power lines, marveling at it all, praying for Paul who I knew was standing out in the cold for the entire night... and I knew that it was bad.  But I had no idea how bad. I'd never seen an ice storm before.  I really had no idea the damage that was being done, or the damage that would follow in the aftermath in the days to come.

We've been without power for eight days now.  My carefully crafted budget has been destroyed.  Our bank account has slowly dwindled as the expenses of not having a house, or a kitchen, and having to drive long distances to get anywhere have piled up one after the other.

She decided to turn it into a camping trip.
And so I'm closing my eyes and doing the thing that I most hate to do.  I'm asking for help.  Plesee pray that we have power soon.  The newest numbers came out and 1500 more people don't have power this morning.  My heart sank when I saw that.  And another cold front is supposed to hit in 12 hours...  I guess more like 10 hours now since I saw it on the news a couple of hours ago.  My optimism that we'll be home any time soon is falling.  Paul's entire break will be spent in a motel room (with now sick kids...), with the stress level steadily rising.

The power company released a list of the places they'll be working on today.  Our area isn't on the list.  They released a list of where they'll work when they finish the first list.  We're not on that one either.  I'm trying not to panic.  I am trying to trust that everything will be okay and not sound like I'm snapping at someone every time I talk.

I'm trying not to be angry.  I'm thankful for the workers out there in the cold, but oh the city.  Eight days without power, all the surrounding areas have declared a state of emergency, but not the city of Lansing.  Oh no, we're just fine here in Lansing.  Sure you can drive down Michigan Ave and see downed power lines down the side streets, eight days after they fell, but that's okay.  They'll be back up eventually.  It just might take a week or two.

(Pulling myself out of the mini rant...)

This morning I made a little indiegogo account.  It's to cover the cost of the motel, food and gas and all the other things that keep popping up.  Here is the link for anyone who's interested.

Thank you to anyone who prays or donates or shares.  Here's to hoping this will all be over soon:



  1. Yeah Cam - the money is coming in fast!!! We love you !!!

  2. Hey, remember George Bailey at the end of "It's A Wonderful Life." Everyone from the town pitched in to help him when they heard he was in trouble: to the tune of $8000 (a fortune in 1940.) Soooo...
    Please accept that people want to help you because we are your brothers and sisters in Christ, (in addition to your family and friends) and we care about you and your family. You would do it for someone else, whatever you could. Besides, your humble need provides us with a way to show love for Christ, especially at Christmas. We know it is tough for you. You are not wasteful or extravagant, so you make it easy to share with you. Accept this help from us as if from God, because it is He who inspires us. (And today is the feast of the Holy Family! What better way to celebrate than to share with a family in need?!)
    God bless you. ~ Bonnie

    1. LOVE this response, Bonnie! Amen, Amen, and Amen again. <3!

    2. You hit the nail on the head !

  3. Don't know,but if you have a gas stove, could you cook at home and bring the food to the hotel? Just wondering. Is there somewhere else (a friend's house?) you could cook and bring the food to the hotel? Would save on eating out.

  4. Oh Cam, I am so very happy at the generosity of your readers!

  5. Over here from Dwija's. Prayers from one quilty crafty mom to another.

  6. So overjoyed at the response, Cam! :) <3 A shower of unexpected blessings. How beautiful.

    I love experiencing the Christian family working together as a unit. It is a blessing for ALL of us.

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  7. Cammie, I'm so happy to see the number keep climbing on the fundraiser page. I'm praying that you and your family will be back in your home soon. I know this whole ordeal must be very hard on you and your family.

  8. So happy to see this funded and more coming in!

  9. I wish I was there to help! Just added a little more to the total.

  10. Praying for peace, reassurance... and electricity!


  11. I'm looking at the fundraising total: so great! So great! And when you get back in your house, now maybe you can keep the heat just a teensy bit higher and not worry so much about the heating bill!

  12. Would purchasing a generator allow you to get back in your home quicker? I was telling my husband about how you and Dwija were both without power because of the storm and his thought was if you were able to get a generator you could probably get back in your home faster and you'd have the generator going forward if you get hit with another situation like this. I know a generator won't power the whole house but it might be enough to allow you to go back home.


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