Monday, December 9, 2013

Why the word "Yo yo" had us wide eyed this morning...

I opened my eyes to a crisp Michigan morning and a world blanketed in snow outside my bedroom window, but the first thought in my mind, that pushed aside all others in a moment of pure joy was the small, clear, ringing voice that had pulled me from my dreams into wakefulness.

"A-wake!  A-wake!"  Maggie's voice filled the house.  In the other room Patrick gave a shout and I heard Sadie say "Is it morning?  Is it time to go downstairs yet?"

It was 6:30, which meant that it was in fact time to go downstairs

Every time Maggie surprises me with some completely unexpected word I'm filled with joy at all that she's learning.

While Sadie and I were doing school later in the day another word filled the downstairs.  "Yo yo!  Yo yo!  Yo yo!"  Maggie said the word again and again.

"She's saying 'yo yo'!"  I heard her therapist say, her voice surprised.
"I thought that was kind of strange."  I said from the other room.  "Because we don't have any yo yos, so I'm not even sure how she knows what a yo yo is."
"She's holding a card."  She told me.  "She has a card that says yo yo and she picked it up and started saying the word.  I think she's reading it!"

And even though the psychologist at her cognitive test said that she thinks that Maggie can read, and even though I've long suspected that she can read because of her intent interest in Sadie's reading lessons and the way she sits and "reads" by herself for long stretches of time, I was still surprised by this latest demonstration of what she can do.

Logically believing she's capable of doing something is one thing, but seeing it in action is amazing!


  1. You go Maggie with your awesome self!

  2. I love the stories that show how much Maggie is benefiting from all of the therapy and diet changes. Seeing the improvement in her ability to communicate with y'all is such a happy thing. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  3. That's amazing!!!!! So happy for you and Maggie! I bet she's so pleased with herself!

  4. Wow! That's really awesome! Good for Maggie!

  5. Yeah!! I'm so happy for you Maggie!

  6. Oh that is Wonderful! And so exciting! Go, Maggie!!!


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