Thursday, December 5, 2013

Theme Thursday: Light

I know, I know, it wasn't what I would have gone out looking for if I'd have been carefully planning a post for today's Theme Thursday topic of "lights."  But as we were driving across town for an emergency almond milk run (because the only way to get Mae to take all her supplements is almond milk with vanilla, so having almond milk in our house in the morning makes my life about a hundred times easier) I saw this scene and I reached for my camera.  "Are you taking a picture of the car in front of us with all those crazy bumper stickers?"  Paul asked.

"No way," I replied.  "Look!  Look!  Gas is under $3 a gallon!"

"With a car wash," he pointed out.  

The car wash is a sore point for Paul because our van is most certainly not water tight and one more car wash might result in our floor boards falling off the car in a rotten state, but he would really like to take advantage of the sale and have a clean car.

"But still!"  I said, staring in shock.

Whenever this happens, when gas dips to some price we thought we'd never see again I try to look back and remember those faded days before I went to college when $2 would have seemed impossibly high... and now I'm cheering because it's under $3 (with a car wash).  

And I'm also kind of impressed that my little second hand camera took a picture at night with no flash and it actually turned out:

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  1. So after trying (for longer than it should have taken me!) to figure out how much that would be per litre, I came up with $0.79. I haven't seen gas that low in about 8 years. Right now, gas is about $1.10 per litre, which is $4.16 per gallon, and we've got some of the cheapest gas in Canada. So expensive!

  2. LOL - I love the gas station lights photo! And I'm jealous of your gas for under $3. We just fell under $4 a gallon and I was ridiculously excited at that! :-)

  3. I love how the picture turned out. And we have a similar car. :)

  4. Crazy! I was excited when I paid under $3.50 two weeks ago, but it's back up again.


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