Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Highlights

The power has been out, but it hasn't been all bad!  I'm now turning my attention to the good and the cute as I take a ten minute break from packing.  Here are some of my favorite pictures :

They sure can take up a lot of space in a big bed...

While Sadie went out with Daddy, Patrick and Mae and I went to the kids room.

Patrick was up to no good.

Maggie had fun dropping the fish into the water and watching them.

Boomer mostly cruised around in his water room shoes.

Then it was back out into the main play area to get more wiggles out.

Patrick headed over to visit with some girls.
He's so funny to watch.
He spends almost all of his time following girls around the play room and being cooed over.

Oh no!  They're ignoring me!

Trying to break into the staff room.

Refusing to put our sweater on as we rush out to the car...

The evening sky.

The only picture I got of Sadie since she was off having fun with Daddy
in the science part of the museum!

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