Thursday, December 12, 2013

The 12th Day of Advent: Happy Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

Happy Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!  

There's really no other month that can compete with December in terms of favorite feast days in our house.  October comes close, but I think December with it's mix of Advent and feast days (and of course Christmas!) easily carries the day!

Maggie was supposed to find this particular doll under the tree on Christmas morning, but I came across a necklace in a sensory collection (she loves necklaces!) that would be perfect for her and decided that could be her third present and that the doll would be the perfect surprise today.  

When the kids came downstairs this morning they found this:

Patrick was hilariously sweet this morning.

Now I have to begin by saying that Patrick isn't a huge fan of dolls.  I imagine it's the result of having a big sister that thinks he's a living doll who just lives to be cuddled, but if you try to hand the boy a doll he'll turn his face away and get the funniest little look and refuse to touch it.  Until he saw this doll:

Apparently this doll is different (one more reason to love Shining Light Dolls!  And Mae's Saint Nicholas doll kept her quiet for an entire Mass this past Sunday!).  He will pick it up and hand to me so that I can hold it up and say "Mary wants to kiss you!" and then he will present his cheek for a kiss.  We repeated this over and over again this morning and he had a sweet little smile on his face the entire time.

I also tracked down this book to read today:

I also snapped a picture of our Advent Candle to show that it's steadily burning down.  I've been pressing down the wax (thank you to the person who made that suggestion!) every day so that it burns evenly and I've finally got it burned to the correct date!  

We're halfway to Christmas Eve now!  I know I've said this before but I just feel like this Advent is flying by!

And for anyone who's interested Holy Helpers is giving away one of their CDs (normally over $14 before shipping and today it's free plus the cost of shipping!)  The CD their giving away includes the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe for the feast day!


  1. I am a new fan of Shining Light dolls too!! I found them via Allison's giveaway, and ordered Henry the St. Nicholas for his stocking. Well. Once it came and I saw how fabulous it was, I immediately ordered Our Lady of Czestochowa for Anne! Can't wait to give them to the kids!

  2. I read this book to my boys last night! I love to see that we are all sharing the same traditions.
    Happy Feast day to you!

  3. Glad to hear that the candle tip is working! I learned it from a local candlemaker and it was a revelation. Suddenly I no longer hated pillar candles . . .: )

  4. We used our little doll today for the first time, too! Baby loves it! So glad I was too impatient to wait. :) Happy feast day!

  5. I love the dolls - haven't purchased on yet...


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