Monday, September 27, 2010

Adventures in Coupons: $221.58 for a $11.86 gain!

Today while Paul was dropping Sadie off at Nani's, but before we headed into The City for Paul's surgery, I sat in the middle of the living room floor and furiously clipped coupons while Maggie babbled away on her blanket. Most of the coupons were from the Proctor and Gamble booklet from the last two months, which made things go a little faster, and in only half an hour I had my coupons organized in a neat little pile next to my list and I was ready to go.

When Paul got home we headed to CVS and the weekly coupon adventure began. Here is the result (minus a bag of chips and a candy bar that I brought along on the trip to The City):

And here's the damage:
The grand total before any sales and coupons came to $221.58.
The grand total after sales and coupons came to $28.14.
$12.51 of that was tax.
We received $25 back in CVS extra bucks and a $15 off coupon for the new Iron Man 2 movie which comes out tomorrow!
Altogether that makes todays trip a $11.86 gain!

Here's a picture of my list for the week. I copy and paste straight from hip2save into a word document so that I have specific instructions for each individual scenario. Then I go through my coupons and check off each set of coupons for each couponing scenario.

This brand new toothbrush from Oral-B is one of this weeks best deals. The problem is finding it! It's usually over $30 but this week it's on sale for $23. There was a $10 coupon this week in the Proctor and Gamble coupon book in the Sunday paper AND you get $13 extra bucks back on your receipt when you purchase it! That makes this toothbrush entirely free! And the limit allows for a purchase of two with this deal! The biggest problem is finding two. Our store only had one... I'm hoping they get more in on Tuesday when the next shipment comes in! So my weeks couponing isn't quite over yet!

One of my favorite parts about couponing is getting things that we would never be able to afford (like the body wash above!) for free! I love finding things that I know Paul would like to use (these men's body washes are a great example) on super sale.

I was also really excited with the Aveeno baby sale this week! Sadie has super dry skin that's also very sensitive, so we go through tons of lotion! And finding my favorite shampoo (any 2 in 1 head and shoulders... because it's quick to use, and time is in short supply these days!) and stain spray (which we go through at an incredibly quick rate) were two highlights.

Lastly there was this! I've been waiting to buy this cake mold for quite some time. Like the bread pan below I'm planning on making a few baked goods with it for our booth. And it comes with a little book of ideas of fillings for cupcakes too! I can hardly wait to get started!


  1. I think the deals you get are so awesome! Since you seem to know what you're doing, I was hoping you could answer my questions about coupons. What is the best way to print them? I find that I spend so much money on ink and paper that I wonder if it's even worth it. Also, when you go to some websites and click to print their coupons, it's just one coupon on a page with a huge image of their product on the bottom. What a waste! They don't give you the option to not print the image or anything so what do you do?

    Thanks for the help!!

  2. So far we've thought it was worth it to print it, although the sites that only print one on each page (I think that's usually "brick's coupons?") is annoying (we buy the big ink cartreges at Costco and the coupons do work printed in black and white. I try to use as often as possible since their coupons at least print out on the same page! Good luck!


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