Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sadie is Talking!

I left out a very important part of yesterday's post. It was, in fact, the reason I started writing the post in the first place and shows just how close I was to falling asleep when I was typing!

This week Sadie began talking.

Sadie's been able to communicate so well that we knew it was just a matter of time before she was babbling away. Last week when we were looking at one of her books she was able to show me every shape and color when asked and numbers too. I wasn't surprised by the shapes and colors because we work on those, but I still haven't figured out where she learned her numbers. I was shocked when I asked her where the number four was and she pointed to it!

And now she talks! She suddenly just started talking while she was at Nani's earlier this week. When I got home from Mass I found that Nani had made a list of the words that Sadie had started saying. The words included colors and actions (she loves the word "pull" and uses it constantly... I never realized how many things we "pull" until Sadie started pointing it out... the zipper on her backpack... the door... and on and on...). Yesterday the word of the day was "pirate." The day before she said both "Mag" and "love" (those are the two that stand our because it was so cute!).

The best part of all this is that the tantrums already seem to be easing up quite a bit! She isn't as frustrated because she's expressing herself much more easily. And that makes me a very happy mom!


  1. Congratulations to Sadie for starting to talk! It's not out of the ordinary for some children to not talk for years. Especially if they have found other means of communication that have been working effectively for them. Usually this is very common in children that are the baby of the family. I think what you want to look out for is the language not being advanced. I think "Pirate" is very advanced for her age. My brother didn't talk for quite a while and his favorite word when he did start talking was "indubitably".

    Never fear. This is very common and don't let the pediatrician frighten you into thinking that it is not.

  2. Gosh, isn't it wonderful that the little rascals can grow up in spite of us. :)


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