Friday, September 24, 2010

The Over Population Myth

I finally had an opportunity to watch these clips and I just had to post them here. It's nice to have internet now that's fast enough to play video clips!


  1. I have a problem with the last video. It implies the solution might found in modern farming technologies, especially in saying that we're growing more food on less land today. The reason that's possible is by using farming techniques that exhaust the land and pollute the earth. Exporting those methods to Africa would only damage the land there. It's not a solution; it's part of the problem.

    I agree overpopulation of the whole world is not true, but that doesn't make it untrue in places where birth rates are very high and economies are very poor.

    Very interesting videos, I had never heard of the origins before! haha

  2. I love these. I saw them when they first came out and it's so strange that people fall for overpopulation when you hear such great arguments. If you really want to hear something that might turn your stomach go to, get a free account, go to Special Programs, select CIA, select "Global Warming Unmasked". This overpopulation myth is throughout the argument and it's quite scary what direction they are trying to take the world.


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