Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bruce Haney for Trinity County Sheriff

I know that most of my readers aren't in the same county as I am (or even the same state!) but for those that are I just had to write a quick post to encourage you to vote for Bruce Haney for Sheriff in the upcoming election! If you live here you probably already know how important this election is! We don't need a sheriff who says that there are "ways around the Constitution"! And we don't need a sheriff who "knows us well enough to know what's best for us!" (particularly in light of that earlier statement).

We do need a sheriff who is an honorable man who doesn't stoop to lying and mudslinging on a weekly basis.

We don't need a sheriff who finds half truths and twists them for his own means.

The opposition has made it clear that their attitude is Machiavellian: The end justifies the means. They want to win this election and the truth is only an inconvenience at best.

And that's why Maggie was wearing her Haney for Sheriff button this morning when we went to the VFW breakfast!

And here's my favorite picture from the morning: Bruce receiving an award from the National Guard for being a great employer who supports the guardsman who works for him.


  1. I do live in Weaverville and I wish that I could of been at the breakfast. I am glad that you had that picture. We should give it to the Journal to do an article on Bruce. I have been getting to know him and like what I hear and see. I know he is the only man for the job.

  2. Hi Anonymous-
    I think it should be on the paper on Wednesday! I just emailed it and another picture I snapped to a couple of the people on the campaign board. Hopefully we'll see it in the journal in a few days.

  3. Thank you for printing this on your blog! This is great, I have known Bruce for the last 12 years and he is and always has been an extremely honorable man to both myself and my children. He was and continues to be a great influence on my son's and even my daughter.
    I also know that these characteristics cross over into his professional life. I hope the people of Trinity County join us in making Bruce Haney our next Sheriff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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