Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dave Cox Campaign Rolls On with Intimidation Tactics

The Dave Cox Trinity County Sheriff campaign rolls on.

I can't say I'm surprised. I mean, I've heard so many stories of people who have been threatened and intimidated by Dave Cox and his supporters in this town that I did acknowledge that there was the possibility that they would try to retaliate against me. On the other hand bullies usually don't like to confront people that stand up to bullies. They like to pick on people who are afraid to fight back (that's never been my problem, thank goodness!). And we've been seeing a lot of that in town lately.

The last comment I received (and posted, although I was hesitant since the person decided to take a few more, entirely untrue, shots at a kid again) threatened a law suit for posting that picture on my site.

It also tried to skew the situation of the taking of the picture which involved pulling into a parking lot and snapping a photo, while several Cox supporters came over and tried to intimidate the photographer (thankfully, I come by my backbone honestly and he doesn't intimidate easy!).

Seriously... Someone writes slander on their car against a minor and parks it in a public parking lot in the middle of town... and then they get upset when someone snaps a picture. I was careful not to show the license plate (which wasn't in the photo anyways!). Which is more than we can say about the Cox campaign who posted the Haney's home address in the paper in a paid ad a couple of weeks ago (in case anyone was wondering that's very, very illegal, since he is a law enforcement officer).

Intimidation won't work here and in response I am going to be much more vocal in the next month as I follow the election. Thank you anonymous for helping me develop my blogging policy in the upcoming month. Thank you!

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  1. Cammie, I'm proud of you to stand against such situation!! I read your previous posts about the politics at Trinity County. I'm shocked to see the intimidation. (but is that even legal?)

    CA is trying to legalize weed. I can't believe what will happen to Trinity County if Prop 19 ever passes... . . . .


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