Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sewing Project of the Week: Denim Wrap Skirt

This is my most useful sewing project so far! I finished this skirt a few weeks ago and have been meaning to post a picture of it since I finished it. It is a super simple wrap skirt from Christine Haynes' Chic and Simple Sewing.

It should only have taken a very short amount of time to make, but it was stretched out over several days. Every time I sewed one seam Maggie would wake up and start to fuss and so I ended up sewing an average of one seam a day.

Here's the finished product!

And while I doubt that I'll manage to sew one project a week, I'm hoping that the title of this post will motivate me to sew more than I have been in the past few months!

I have another, calf length denim skirt cut out already. Hopefully I can manage at least a seam a day to get it finished soon!

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  1. That is very cute! I love denim skirts, they are just so comfortable.


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