Saturday, September 18, 2010

What I Love About Freezer Cooking!

My favorite part about freezer cooking is being able to come home after a seven hour drive, pop something from the freezer into the oven, and serve a home cooked meal a short while later. This is the recipe that I created earlier this month.

Has anyone else found that cooking for a toddler can be hilarious and frustrating at the same time? Sadie has recently decided that she doesn't want to eat ANYTHING that I cook. She would rather demand the over-ripe bananas that I try to save to make banana bread with (bananas don't last very long in our house with Sadie, thus I never have bananas to make banana bread with).

However, when I bring a meal to Nani's house and we eat there, Sadie gobbles up every last bite... even if it's a dish she completely refuses to eat at our apartment!

I'm grateful, at least, that she loves eating fruits and veggies! And spaghetti. She can't help herself when we put spaghetti in front of her... even if Mommy is the one who made it!

Eggplant and chicken are close enough to spaghetti that she might eat it... sometimes...


  1. We are just stuck on Peanut Butter and Jelly!! Toddlers are so hard. I even let him go hungry the other night to see if he would eat it eventually. He didn't and was just way to uncomfortable to go to sleep later that night - stubborn :) Eventually they will DREAM of our homecooking!!

    And, you have a blog award!!

  2. Hi! I found you from All Things Gale's blog. I'm Eastlyn and am now a new follower. Toddlers are picky eaters, but most survive to adulthood, even if they go on "nothing but french fries and jell-o snags" for weeks at a time. I can't wait to check out more of your blog and learn more about your freezer cooking recipes.

  3. Hi, again, I'm wondering if you have posted the other "freezer meal" recipes somewhere on your blog? I saw your list in the blog with your shopping list, but did not see recipes for the tamale pie and a couple of others that sounded tasty. -E

  4. Hi Lisa-
    Toddlers can be so stubborn! Sadie will go to night hungry too if I don't cave and give her a banana! She used to be such a good eater! I'll be glad when this phase passes (Maggie will probably be entering it then though!).

    Hi Eastlyn-
    I have some recipes posted here:
    But not all of them yet! My goal has been to post a new recipe every week, but it hasn't quite been happening yet! Hopefully soon though. I've been thinking of coming up with a schedule and posting it on my blog so that I'm more motivated to do weekly posts!


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