Monday, September 6, 2010

Veils By Lily: A Review!

I love chapel veils! But I have to admit, I never quite mastered wearing them. I'd try different things, bobby pins, and clips, but nothing ever really worked. However, that all changed today!

I have been blessed to be able to write a review for a veil given to me by Lily at Veils by Lily (also check out her blog The Catholic Wife). And the veil that she sent me solved the problem (and was gorgeous!).

I can't say enough about this veil! It's the perfect color and the perfect length! And because of the comb that Lily sewed at the crown of the veil, it actually stays in place.

A mantilla that can stay in place when a mom is wrestling with a toddler isn't something that you find every day! I wrangled Sadie today during Mass (I believe "wrangled" would be the best verb to describe Sadie's relationship with me during Mass these days), while Paul held Maggie, and the veil stayed perfectly in place through Sadie's typical toddler antics.

I also absolutely love the color. I may have worried a little too much about the color of the chapel veils that I've worn in the past, so I was thrilled to receive a veil in a color I'd dreamt of wearing. I always felt a little too bridal in my white veil (although I'm sure I'll still wear my white veil now and then). And I've had people tell me that my black veil used to be reserved for widows (that observation usually accompanies one that says the white veil is for unmarried women).

While I think those "rules" are mostly regional and don't really matter (I'll also be wearing my black veil now and then too) I do love the color of this new veil!

I'm a big fan of the silver veils Lily sells too! And the cream veils! And the brown veils!

And of course she also has many beautiful ivory and black mantillas! I've found that my black and white mantillas are very handy because I can keep them in my purse and one of them is bound to match whatever I happen to be wearing if we decide to go to Mass on the spur of the moment.

The store website also says that a couple of the designs can be ordered in 20 different colors, so if you have a color in mind like I did, there's a good chance Lily can make your dream veil a reality!

So take a few minutes (or longer!) and go look at Lily's beautiful mantillas! They're beautifully made by a Catholic stay-at-home mother of three and if you love covering in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament I'm sure that you'll find one that's perfect for you!

If you have hard time keeping your veils on your head like I always have, make sure to remember to request to have a comb sewn in! It really does work wonderfully!


  1. That veil is absolutely lovely, Cam. I'm so glad you finally found one that is toddler-resistant! (I don't say toddler proof, because such a thing doesn't exist!)

  2. so beautiful! and the comb idea is brilliant, that's a main reason I gave up covering, because pins, clips, knots were not keeping them in place and all my energy was spent adjusting them.

    I should invest in one of these...thanks for sharing!

  3. My fiance showed me veils by lily last week and I thought the veils were pretty but I wondered how they would look on a real person (not a mannequin). Now I know they look beautiful! I'm glad you posted these because now I want to order one!

  4. Very nice! I'm gonna have to check those out. Thanks :-)

  5. As a veteran of the veil wars (even combs do not work on my fine, silky hair), here is my solution: a thin headband underneath to anchor the veil to by a corsage pin. I could play volleyball and the veil will stay put! These are beautiful veils--thanks for the hint!

  6. I've been looking for a veil that feels "right" to me - something that I will be comfortable in - in what it looks like and how secure it is (so distracting to keep checking that it's still in place!). I think I found what I'm looking for...

  7. Congratulations from Brazil. The catholic girls must learn this holy things.

  8. The website says some take about 5 weeks to ship. Is this about right or do they usually ship sooner? I want to get one for my daughter for Christmas but don't want to cut it too short on time. Thanks!!

    1. Mine have always gotten here really quickly, but I know that the business is really well known now and handles a larger volume of orders. I know that recently she posted something about ordering now so that you don't have to pay extra to rush an order before Christmas, so I think shipping times may be longer than they were when I ordered a few years ago.


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