Friday, September 24, 2010

Cloth Diaper Cover Favorite: The Wonder Wrap!

The verdict is in. I now officially have a favorite diaper cover.

It wasn't the one I expected to be my favorite. In fact, I almost didn't buy a Wonder Wrap. The store I bought the first one from only had Mandarin, and it was my least favorite color of the four choices... but I figured that trying different covers was the best way to figure out which one would work best for us, so I added it to our cart. And I am so glad that we did!

I ordered four more this week, since Maggie only fits in two of her diaper covers now (1 Wonder Wrap and 1 Happy Heiny), and just received an email informing me that they were out of the Vanilla and Blackberry, but that they have plenty of Mandarin and Kiwi (of course they do...). So we're going to have three mandarin wraps and two kiwi wraps... and that shows just how well these wraps work. I'm willing to get two colors that I really don't like because I know that they contain blow out diapers really, really well.

My only wish is that they made the diapers in cuter colors (or that I could find a store with "vanilla" in stock!).

The Happy Heiny's Diaper Cover comes in a close second. It would be tied or first if it weren't for the fact that the edges of the diapers has gotten kind of linty and the super-sticky-velcro seems to stick to everything (which is why the edges are linty... the diaper cover sticks to itself in the wash...). But it does a great job of not leaking, just like the Wonder Wrap, so it's definitely a favorite.

I'm not really a Bummi's or a Thirsties fan. We just had a more leaks with those brands (although they have a lot of cute patterns and colors, so I really wanted them to work out!) and Maggie has already, at the ripe old age of 2 and a half months, grown out of the size 1's.

I like the words "one size fits all" at the top of a diaper. With babies that grow this fast, it's a must!


  1. I like Thirsties (Bummis were awful for us too) but yeah Wonder Wraps are my fav too. They do have prints... but because they're no longer making them at all its harder to find them. Harder to find the plain ones too. I'm surprised you did. We have a blackberry, a sunrise striped and the ocean striped (? is blues and greens.. I think ocean). I didn't like the first we had until I saw just how well it stopped leaks. Major case of diarrhea that should have come out while she was running around trying to avoid capture lol. When i got it off in the tub my jaw about hit the floor. Moved up to #1 spot right then and there. I really hope GroVia starts making them again.

    And if you didn't see my reply, I am so sorry! I knew people were missing but my brains off somewhere... lol.

  2. When we have another baby I want to try out cloth diapering. Have you tried out any of the all in ones, and if you have do you have a favorite? I don't know that I'd have the patience to worry about a diaper and a diaper cover.

  3. You can't just chop the name of the blog in half. The second part is the most important part! Thus it's "A Woman's Place, Depends on Her Vocation!" It means we belong where we're called to by God.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.


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