Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sadie Frown of the Week: A State Government in Mexico who Thinks Infanticide Isn't That Bad

In a society where everything is relative it becomes harder and harder to draw lines between right and wrong, much less even use words like "good" and "evil" and be taken seriously ("Evil? How archaic!"). The evil of killing our unborn children becomes common place and then, after a while, the next step, killing a newborn, doesn't seem quite as bad. The Groningen Protocol tries to make murder seem like compassion, which sounds strangely like the self-righteousness of the Pro-Death camp who really just want to "help women."

Many may still be horrified when someone like Dominique Cottrez is found to have killed eight of her newly born children, but between Holland's infant euthanasia protocol and Guanajuato's change in civil code, which makes infanticide a crime that may be punished by a mere 3 years in prison, rather than 35, I have to wonder how normalized murder will actually become in the coming decades.

It is heartening to know that every poll I've seen in the past year has shown that the majority of Americans aren't okay with abortion.

Unfortunately the more I read the more it seems that many people who think that matters of life and death is just a "choice" are sliding down the slippery slope that would make those same doctor's who did "healing work" proud.

Looking around and seeing just whose footsteps we are following in can be very telling.


  1. Human life continues to be devalued every day. No one knows what life might bring, and ending it is a rejection of hope. All euthanasia is really the death of hope, and when we lose hope, life loses all meaning. At least that's how I feel.

  2. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. I had no idea about the Groningen Protocol...I started shaking when I read the Wikipedia entry. I can't believe that this is real; it sounds like something out of a science fiction book.


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