Friday, September 10, 2010

CSN Diaper Bag Review

I love my new diaper bag!

When I was asked to pick an item to review for CSN Stores I was very excited. CSN has over two hundred stores, that offer everything from furniture to toys to cookware, so I knew that my biggest problem would be picking just one item to review.

After hours of pouring over CSN's websites, I found it: a laminated yellow corduroy diaper bag. Just looking at the picture made me feel cheerful and the "laminated" description let me know that there was a good chance it would be easy to keep clean.

When my bag arrived it was just as cheerful and yellow as it looked in the picture on (yellow and red take turns being my favorite color on a weekly basis!). The laminated corduroy is wipeable, which is perfect for busy moms and the bag is roomy enough that I can stow diapers for a toddler and an infant, wipes, snacks, a sippie cup, small toys, spare outfits, diaper ointment, and all the other various odds and ends that I need whenever I leave the house.

One of the handiest accessories that came with the bag is the diaper pad. When Sadie was born we bought a big, bulky messenger bag that also came with it's own diaper pad. However, this diaper pad is about twice as big, making it much easier to change a large baby on. I'd never thought about how handy a good changing pad could be until I actually used one, but it was an added plus to a great bag.

The bag also comes with a handy little pouch that I use to keep spare fleece diaper liners in and an insulated bottle carrier that will probably end up carrying water bottles for us, since we don't have any bottles.

I was especially impressed with how CSN's customer service handled a small problem that I had. The day after I received the bag the magnetic clasp on the inside of the main flap broke off. I emailed CSN and they immediately shipped me a replacement bag and sent FedEx to pick up the bag with the broken clasp. And the new bag definitely has been able to handle all the daily abuse of being hauled around on a day to day basis.

The experience has definitely made me even more likely to shop at CSN stores in the future. Not only do they have everything that I can possibly think of, but they stand behind the products that they sell! And (I can't say it enough!) I love my new diaper bag!

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